3 Things You Should Not Wear For Your First Chiropractic Adjustment

If you have recently scheduled your first chiropractic adjustment, and your appointment is quickly approaching, you may be wondering if there is any special way that you should dress for the treatment. If so, while you are selecting your outfit for your visit, make sure you do not wear the following items, as they may make you uncomfortable or hinder your adjustment.

1. Jewelry That Is Loose and Dangling

One thing that you should not wear during your chiropractic adjustment is any jewelry that is loose and dangling. When the chiropractor is manipulating your joints, back, and spine, they will have to be up close to you. You may be placed in awkward positions that will bring some of your body parts together that normally do not otherwise.

If you have a loose bracelet or long necklace on during the adjustment, it may catch on the practitioner's clothing or fingers, which could hurt both you and them. Additionally, if your arm is brought up to your head, and you are wearing a bracelet, it may catch in your hair or on your earrings.

If possible, leave the jewelry at home. If you are going after work or someplace where you were earlier wearing jewelry, take it off before your appointment and stow it safely and securely in your car or bag before you go in for your appointment.

2. Clothing That Is Too Tight

Another thing you should avoid wearing when going for an adjustment is clothing that is too tight. During the treatment, the chiropractor will need to be able to fully move your arms, legs, neck, and back in order to manipulate these body parts and bring them back into proper alignment.

However, if your clothing is too tight, it will restrict movement and hinder the chiropractor's ability to fully manipulate your joints. They may only be able to make a partial adjustment, and you may be uncomfortable as your clothes pull and tug on your body. While you do not have to wear sweats and a t-shirt (although you may if you wish), try to select clothing that is loose enough to allow you to easily stretch your body without any restrictions. 

Wearing loose clothing and foregoing jewelry can help you be more comfortable during your adjustment and allow for a full range of motion for a more thorough treatment. For more information on preparing for your first visit, contact your chiropractor before your appointment and ask what they recommend.