How A Chiropractor Can Help With Injury Rehab

Sore or stiff muscles and connective tissue are often a residual effect of an injury. Unfortunately, these types of problems and the pain that goes along with them can last for months. In addition, if you have to go to physical therapy, you will be enduring more pain after each visit. While the therapy is a necessary part of your complete rehabilitation, you may be tempted to avoid it because you don't like how you feel afterward. When you are having any type of pain or discomfort during injury rehab, you should consider seeing a chiropractor.  Here are just a few ways chiropractic treatment can help.

Reduce Inflammation and Pain

One of the causes of the pain you experience after an injury or a therapy session is the inflammation of the tissue that was involved. The chiropractor may use massage therapy to help move the interstitial fluids from the inflamed area, reducing the swelling and any pressure it puts on the nerves to cause pain. This will also increase the mobility of the area, as it will not be filled with fluid. They may also manipulate the joints so that they are better aligned and not rubbing against nerves or pulling on a muscle or tendon to cause stretching and pain.

Referred Pain

It is possible that the headache you are experiencing or the pain in your feet is not due to something in the area where you feel the pain. A headache may be due to a pinched nerve in your neck or upper back area, and foot pain may be caused by something wrong in your lower back or hip. A chiropractor will take X-rays and examine your entire body to find the cause of the pain. Once it is found, they will be able to determine how to best alleviate the pain while repairing the injury so the pain does not come back. 

You need to be able to participate in your own rehabilitation. When there is too much pain, you will not be able to do all you need to do in order to get better. While you could take pain medication to get through the rough parts, that will not really help in the long run. In fact, you may become addicted or rely on the drugs so you are never sure if the pain is actually gone or not. A chiropractor will work with you, your medical doctor, and the therapist to ensure you have a safe and healthy recovery.