Watch For Injuries In The Days Following A Car Accident

You may feel blessed that you are able to stand up and walk away after a car accident. Many people assume that if there are no apparent injuries immediately following the crash, then they are okay. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Many injuries aren't obvious right away, and instead they emerge in the hours and days following the accident. The following are some injury warning signs to watch for following your accident.

Head pain

A headache the day following the accident is common, and is most often just a result of muscle stiffness or even the come down from the high dose of adrenaline you likely experienced. The time to become concerned is when the headache is severe, consists of a sharp pain, or is accompanied by dizziness or nausea. These can all indicate a blood clot or other major health concern that means you need to seek emergency care immediately. A headache that remains constant or worsens gradually, or that last several days, may indicate a back or neck injury. While not usually life threatening, back injuries do require treatment if you want to heal well.

Body swelling and tenderness

Swelling the begins in any part of the body can be a major cause for concern. Sometimes the swelling in a limb and accompanied by bruising that appears in the days following your accident. This could be nothing more than a deep bruise surfacing, or it could indicate a blood clot or fracture. More alarming is swelling in the core, particularly the abdominal area. This often means there is internal bleeding, which can be life threatening. You should have any swelling checked by a doctor immediately to rule out any major internal injuries.

Stiffness, numbness or back pain

Spontaneous numbness or tingling sensations in the limbs can be very alarming, as can muscles stiffening up unexpectedly. These are both signs of whiplash or a spinal injury. Nerves become pinched, which leads to the numbness or muscle spasms. Often, these symptoms are accompanied by a sore back or neck. You may feel symptoms in several parts of the body or only in one, depending on the type of injury and the extent of the damage. A doctor or chiropractor can treat these injuries.

Don't ignore any injury signs that appear, even if the accident was several days prior. By scheduling prompt car accident injury treatment, you can avoid more severe repercussions down the road.