Want to Dance With the Stars? Talk to a Chiropractor First

A new season of Dancing With the Stars has begun, so no one can blame you if the cha-cha fever has taken hold. If you've been inspired by the show and want to tango and foxtrot with the best of them, starting dancing lessons is fun at any age. However, it's important for you to get a clean bill of health first so you don't injure yourself. Here's how a chiropractor can help you to safely samba your way onto the dance floor.


Chiropractors are experts at diagnosing problems with the spine and neck, so it's a good idea to get yourself checked up. A chiropractor can determine if you have any existing problems or misalignments with your back and neck in a variety of ways. This includes palpation, physical examinations, and x-rays to check your bone density and vertebrae alignment.

Most people who go to a chiropractor for the first time will find that they have minor misalignments that can be easily adjusted by the chiropractor. However, chiropractors can also catch more severe problems, like osteoporosis and spine curvature disorders, like spina bifida.


For minor problems, your chiropractor can gently and easily realign your spine to promote better posture and comfort and reduce risk of injury. Depending on what method your chiropractor practices, there are a variety of ways they might do this.

Some chiropractors rely upon physical manipulation in order to readjust your body. This means that they'll physically lift your arms, legs, push and pull on your shoulders, and turn your neck to achieve the alignment that's ideal for you. Others will use an instrument called an activator, which is a spring-loaded metal tool that can apply quick, high-intensity, but gentle, pressure to a precise area of the back or neck that needs adjustment.

Loosening Up

Lastly, in addition to your chiropractor's adjustments helping you to loosen up, they can also offer advice and exercise options to help loosen up your body. Contestants are frequently told on Dancing with the Stars to loosen up their bodies and to try and not be so stiff when dancing, which is critical for all dancers, not just professionals and competitors. Keeping your muscles relaxed and supple is important to prevent pulling your vertebrae out of alignment and coming off as too stiff while you dance.

While you might be as itchy as a jitterbug to get on the dance floor, this simple step can help prevent you from having a terrible injury. Keep your toe-tapping in check until you've seen a chiropractor at facilities like Physical Rehabilitation Centers, and then you'll be able to mambo all night.