Three Seasonal Problems A Chiropractor Can Help You With

Chiropractic care is not just a good way to help your body deal with stress and treat chronic or acute back pain; it can also keep your body healthy both directly and indirectly in many different ways. Here are three seasonal problems many people deal with that can often be mitigated by regular chiropractic treatments.

1. Allergies

Whether you're allergic to the heavy pollen levels that emerge in early spring or whether you experience asthma attacks whenever you catch a whiff of newly mown grass, allergies can have painful and life-altering effects. Although chiropractic care doesn't directly treat allergies, getting a spinal adjustment can affect other systems of your body, such as the immune system, in ways that allergy sufferers often find can reduce their symptoms. Don't stop taking your allergy medications when you see a chiropractor, but don't be surprised if your symptoms aren't as bad when you're getting regular adjustments.

2. Cold and flu

The cold and flu season stretches on and on throughout the winter months, which can be quite problematic if you work (or attend school) at a place with lots of people where you're likely to catch a virus. Besides getting a flu shot and using hand sanitizer frequently, you can try chiropractic care as a great immune system boost to ward off these illnesses. Because chiropractic adjustments are so great for the immune system, you may find yourself getting colds and flu less frequently or, when you do get them, you may not be hit so hard. This helpful bonus of chiropractic care has been very evident since the deadly flu epidemic of 1918, when chiropractors noticed that their flu patients were much less likely to die than other flu patients.

3. Seasonal depression

Although chiropractic care doesn't address the root of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), it can be a great way to mitigate the effects of this depressing condition. (But don't stop taking any medications your doctor has described for your depression!) For one thing, chiropractic can help your body to relax and release the tension that you may build up during the gloomy months of winter, which helps reduce wear and tear on your body from SAD. And for another, chiropractic adjustments deal with the spinal problems that may result from the stress of SAD.

These are just three of the seasonal issues that many Americans face every year. Talk to your chiropractor about how chiropractic care can help you deal with whatever seasonal challenge you're facing today. Contact a clinic like Gerleman Chiropractic Office to learn more.