Chiropractor Therapy: Therapies Beyond Standard Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments are the meat and potatoes of chiropractic therapy. However, did you know that there are chiropractic therapies that go beyond standard adjustment? It's true. Chiropractic therapists have been using drugless methods of therapy for many years. There are a number of technologies and methods used, such as using heat to provide relief to the back and throughout the rest of the body. This brief article will serve to inform you of a number of therapies available to you through your chiropractor other than standard back adjustments.

Heat and Cold

Chiropractors tend to alternate between heat and cold in order to relieve stress and pain that is present in the back. Generally speaking, an ice pack is placed on the area in question from anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes in order to numb the area, while a heat pack is then applied to the area to loosen the muscles. The heat will promote faster healing as well as restoring proper blood flow to the area in question.


Although most chiropractors will not recommend a vigorous exercise routine for you if you are on the receiving end of back pain, there might be several exercise practices that they will recommend that will ensure that you are still able to maintain adequate health and properly stretch your back muscles to make sure that they do not become stiff and add to the ultimate source of pain. These exercises can eventually help to strengthen your back in the long run.


Massage is one of the best forms of physiological therapy that a chiropractor can recommend. Massage will serve to open the muscles up to other forms of exercise before you get back on your feet again. Massage can also serve to benefit your back and body in other ways, as well. For example, massage can be very beneficial in helping blood flow easily circulate throughout the body as well as a way to ameliorate the presence of pain and inflammation. Massages can also serve to relax you, which can be beneficial in loosening up your muscles and allowing your body to recover in a shorter period of time and with greater ease.


Although usually associated with pregnancies, ultrasound can be used by various other forms of physicians and therapists who wish to help their patients make a speedy recovery. In the instance of a chiropractor, for example, he or she will apply the ultrasound to the patient's soft tissues and joints, which will then create a deep heat wave that will essentially massage the tissue from the inside out.

Ultrasound can be used to relieve stiffness and to other forms of relief to great success; by massaging the tissue from inside out, inflammation will be decreased, pain will be lessened, and the muscles will be on their way to returning to their normal state of health.


Diathermy is a short wave form of electromagnetic therapy. Unlike ultrasound, which serves the softer tissues of the body, diathermy is powerful enough to bypass these tissues and go straight for the denser tissues. Diathermy serves to relax these tissues and will ultimately loosen the muscles up, making sure that your recovery time is greatly lessened.

In addition to these phenomenon, diathermy also serves as a deep tissue massage, which can increase the blood flow throughout the course of your entire body. People usually respond well to diathermy, and claim that the process leaves the treated area deeply and nicely warm.

There are a number of therapies to which chiropractors are committed beyond the standard adjustment. Hopefully, you have learned of a few. Check out sites like for more information and to look up professionals near you.