Back Pain Remedies That Work

If you suffer from chronic pain in your back, you will want to find a remedy that works to help make it feel better. Back pain can be caused by injury, improper posture, twisting the wrong way, or from being overweight. There are many methods you can use to help relieve pain safely and effectively.


Doing regular stretching will help relieve pain in your back. Stand tall and reach for the ceiling for a few seconds and then reach for your toes for a few seconds. Do the exercises slowly so you do not aggravate your back as you stretch. Taking short walks can also be a help. Many people think that lying stationery will help relieve back pain, but if it's chronic, starting an exercise regime can be more helpful than staying still.


Often people with back pain have trouble sleeping because they are hurting. However, sleep will help relieve stress, and without it, the pain their back will feel worse. It is a vicious cycle that can be stopped by taking steps to make sure you are able to slumber, getting much needed rest to help your back heal. Try relaxing meditation before lying down for the night. Cut back on caffeine and sugar to help you fall asleep. Having a glass of milk or a mug of tea before bedtime can help you fall asleep, as well.


Try using cold or warm compresses to help relieve pain in your back. If you have pain due to injury, use cold packs for a few days before switching to a heating pad. Keep the compress in place for twenty minutes and then remove. Do this several times throughout the day to help relieve pain. This is the method to use for both temperatures. When using heat, taking a hot bath or sitting in a hot tub can be substituted for a heating pad.

Medical Interaction

If you cannot relieve back pain on your own, consider seeing a chiropractor at a clinic like Forest Park Chiropractic & Acupuncture to get to the bottom of your pain. They would be able to relieve back pain by performing a series of hand movements along your spine, twisting you safely in a way that will relieve the pressure upon your spine.

Subsequent visits will help keep your back feeling its best as it heals. Pain relief medication can also be prescribed in conjunction with regular visits to a chiropractor to help numb pain between visits.